SketchCAD is a program that I worked on for a professor’s startup called Concepea during the summer of 2015. It’s a 3D modeling program that is geared towards artists. It takes in brush strokes one at a time, and turns them into 3D models.

The main concept behind how this program works is epipolar geometry. If you look at a point in 3D space in two different views, you can solve an equation to obtain the location of that point. A similar concept is used here, except instead of specifying the location of each point in two different views, the designer specifies the location of each point and its symmetric pair across a predetermined plane.

My contribution to this project was refactoring a large portion of the code and implementing an Undo/Redo system. In addition to the Undo/Redo system, I created a file format for storing curves and symmetric pairs, implemented a .STP file converter for exporting the project to other CAD programs, and added a control point editing feature to allow fine tuning of the model.


As of now, I am no longer working on the project, but the version of the project (when I stopped working on it) can be found here. A documentation guide is also included in the download. If you are interested in this program, the professor that I worked for is Levent Burak Kara.