Robo Dragon Dash Turbo

Robo Dragon Dash Turbo is a one week project for Building Virtual Worlds course at the ETC. The focus of the week is to create something as fun as possible. We decided to create a racing game with a rocking horse as an interface, since seeing two guests rocking frantically on a pair of rocking horses is fun for both the guests and the people watching them.

The technology we used to create the interface is the Makey Makey. The Makey Makey is essentially a 12-button keyboard that allows you to use whatever you want as keys. We attached 4 contacts to the bottom of each horse to detect how the horse is tilted, and we used 2 more contacts on the handle bars for the strafing mechanic.

This project was dubbed “best rocking horse game” by our instructors, and it was also featured in the ETC festival!

Team Members:

Richard Aguirre – Artist and Producer
Daniel Hua – Programmer and Hardware
Jehan Sandhu – Artist
Yuxing Wang – Programmer
Zoe Qi Yiru – Sound Designer