Micros is my entry for the 34th Ludum Dare game jam. I worked on the programming, while Vinh Duong made the art assets. This was my first Ludum Dare and the second game jam that I have participated in (the first being the Global Game Jam in January 2015). As of now, this game is the most polished game that I have made in less than 72 hours.

The theme of the game jam was either “two button game” or “grow,” and we picked the growing theme. You play as a little fish character that can eat other fish smaller than you. When you eat fish you grow larger, and can eat more fish. There is a twist though: once your fish reaches a certain size, it will split, and you’ll have two smaller fishes that can each eat and grow. This keeps things interesting, since it will be much harder to reach a point where you can just eat all the fish in the world.

In addition to the splitting mechanic, there are also poisonous and hostile enemies who you can never eat. As the game progresses, these enemies will appear more frequently, which adds a difficulty curve to the game.


The Ludum Dare page for this game can be found here. On that page, you can find links to builds of the game as well as a link to the source (also provided here).

Additional Screenshots:

Micros 2015-12-13 22-36-41-81 Micros 2015-12-13 22-36-55-96 Micros 2015-12-13 22-37-56-51
Micros 2015-12-13 22-38-39-70 Micros 2015-12-13 22-39-38-99 Micros 2015-12-13 22-40-04-35