Invert is a platforming game that I worked on during the first TNGL game jam. I got the idea for the game when I was playing with invert shaders in Unity. Invert shaders are pretty cool, so I wanted to make a game that uses invert shaders. Furthermore, rather than using invert shaders as a purely aesthetic element of the game, I wanted the gameplay to be based off of inversion too. After brainstorming for a bit, I decided on the following mechanic: when you enter an “inverted” zone, your gravity gets inverted and you “fall” up instead of down.


The most recent build of the game can be downloaded from its page. This game has also beenĀ Greenlit on Steam!

In addition, the full Unity project is available on GitHub. If you find any bugs or have any other comments, please let me know using the issue tracker. I will be updating this project periodically, so any feedback is welcome.

Additional Screenshots:

screenshot_201511170030074561 screenshot_201511170030244171 screenshot_201511170032471164 screenshot_201511170033205505

You can find various secret rooms that contain additional background colors too.
(Or you could look in the Unity project to see where they are… but that wouldn’t be any fun.)