Hi there, welcome to my portfolio!

My name is Daniel Hua, and I am a Computer Science student at Carnegie Mellon University with a minor in Game Design.

I have a interest in computer graphics and how techniques from computer graphics can be used to create interesting visual experiences in games. In addition, I am a big fan of rhythm based games, and I like the concept of using audio to drive visuals in games.

Here are some of my most recent projects!

Entry for Global Game Jam 2017.
Robo Dragon Dash Turbo
A racing game played on physical rocking horses using Makey Makey.
Take the Stairs Next Time
Take the Stairs Next Time
A horror VR experience about being trapped in an elevator. For Oculus and Leapmotion.

My older projects can be found on my Projects page, sorted roughly in reverse chronological order. Most pages will contain links to source code.

Contact and Links

Email: dhua@andrew.cmu.edu or dhua@gkxd.info
GitHub: https://github.com/Gkxd
itch.io: http://gkxd.itch.io/
Resume: PDF Link